Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Headboard:: New addition to the Bedroom

This was a totally random DIY, inspired by Danielle Oakey’s post on DIY headboard.  I am always up for a fun project; especially when it involves fabrics!! So lets jump right into it.

Supplies for a King Size Headboard:

Plywood (7/16 inches thick) cut to size 4ft x 6ft $9
Batting (4.5 yards) for 2 layers $10 (Used 50% off coupon)
Fabric (2.5 yards) $12
Heavy duty industrial staple gun 

I got the plywood from Home Depot and rest of the supplies from Joann’s.

The steps are super easy and straightforward.

Place the plywood on batting. 
Staple the first layer. 

Then staple the second layer. Keep the batting in place by holding it taut. As you can see, I ran a little
low on the batting towards the shorter sides but it turned out ok. Also, you can add more layers of batting depending on how plush you want your headboard.

Then place the whole thing on the fabric. Again staple it till you feel its secure. If you have excess fabric, you can cut it. I just folded it over and stapled it.

The headboard is ready!

We just put it on the bed frame and pushed the mattress against it so that its propped up against the wall. I absolutely love the ikat backdrop and the whole aqua-blue-white color scheme!
The whole project cost turned out to be $31!! Cant beat the price plus the result is totally worth it!!